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Transforming Waste into Solutions

In Slovakia, waste management stands as one of the foremost environmental challenges. The nation’s recycling rate for municipal waste is among the EU’s lowest, with landfilling remaining a prevalent waste disposal method.

Improper waste management imposes a twofold strain on our environment: a direct effect from storage and potential contamination risks, and an indirect one, pressing us to tap into, at times, non-renewable resources.

To alleviate this environmental stress and fully utilise biological waste, we provide a service that aligns with the Slovak Republic’s legislation and the objectives set by the EC Regulation.

Our goal is to process biodegradable waste (BDW) and biodegradable kitchen waste (BDKW) at our facility’s maximum annual capacity, targeting 100,000 tonnes, along with 30,000 tonnes of animal manure. Processing these inputs allows us to produce 20,000 tonnes of our patented, nutrient-rich regenerative biochar substrate – effeco by ZZ – right at our facility.

Waste management catchment areas

At our facility, we're equipped to process

  • Industrial Bio-Waste sourced from agriculture, horticulture, forestry, hunting and fishing. 
  • Municipal green bio-waste
  • Separately collected municipal bio-waste
  • Animal production waste
  • Kitchen and restaurant waste
  • Waste from wastewater treatment plants 

Interested in processing any of these waste categories?



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