Earth's Resources

Renewing Earth's Resources

Offering holistic solutions for circular bio-waste management, renewable energy production and biochar-based soil substrates.



In November 2023, we participated as an exhibitor in the benchmark international fair ECOMONDO 2023.

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Launching dry fermentation

We're proud to announce the successful completion of the building approval for dry fermentation at our Horný Jatov facility.

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Zdroje Zeme has once again partnered with OLO a.s.

On this occasion, the company also participated in the public procurement announced by OLO a.s. for the city of Bratislava.

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Project Biograda

The BIOGRADA initiative pioneers innovative approaches to soil regeneration and fertilisation. Our circular economy solution encompasses the treatment of kitchen, agricultural, and industrial waste, transforming it into green energy, bio-carbon, and the regenerative soil substrate, effeco by Zdroje Zeme. Discover more in our video.

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