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Our Philosophy

The founders of our project, along with its other partners, were instrumental in the creation and development of a new business idea. This idea was centred on the ambition to be among those global citizens who deeply value the environment, understanding that its restoration is essential for the well-being of future generations and their sustained existence on Earth.

As part of this initiative, we believe we can intertwine our personal philosophy with our business objectives, addressing the challenges we encounter daily both locally and globally.

Thus, we have articulated the following vision: 

“We aim to be a leader in offering holistic solutions to the environmental issues related to bio-waste treatment, green energy production and soil regeneration on a global scale.” 

Our project has expanded beyond the confines of our region, country and the European continent. 

We are proud to collaborate on this venture with professionals and organisations that resonate with our core beliefs and life philosophy. 

Basic Philosophy

Processing of biodegradable waste, utilising its nutrients in the effeco by ZZ Zme soil substrate and energy production by Zdroje Zeme, presents a comprehensive strategy for municipalities, industries and agriculture. Miroslav Marynčák, the co-creator of the BIOGRADA
 solution, and Vladimír Veselovský, the technical head of BIOGRADA and chairman of the board of directors for Zdroje Zeme, shared the company’s foundational philosophy in a brief interview. 

Video – Discover our innovative bio-products designed for soil regeneration.

The Biograda project represents a new generation of technologies supporting the principles of regenerative agriculture. The application of these principles enhances soil resilience to current climate change. Effeco by ZZ is a soil regenerator that can be tailored to the demands of the soil. For more information, see the attached video. 

EU Structural Funds

The Biograda project successfully applied for support from “The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014 – 2020 in Brussels under the HORIZON 2020 programme and has been awarded the “SEAL OF EXCELLENCE” by the European Commission with the title 

“The project proposal 969709, EFFECO Circular solution for bio-waste, energy, soil and agriculture”. 

Our project has applied for multiple other Structural Fund grants, of which the following have been implemented so far: 

SOE Project (Ministry of Economy of the SR) 

Project code: 313031BDY1

Project name:

EFFECO – Circular solutions for bio-waste, energy, soil and agriculture


Call for proposals:
OPII-MH/DP/2021/11.3-32 – Call for applications for the provision of non-repayable financial contributions aimed at supporting projects awarded the Seal of Excellence.

Brief description of the project:
Within the primary activity of the project “Support of projects awarded the Seal of Excellence” the innovation EFFECO – the development of a regenerative substrate and its production process – is being addressed, with patents registered in nearly 60 countries worldwide. Our pilot facility, Horný Jatov, is transitioning, with support from this fund, from a contaminated brownfield to an experimental and pilot production site with technologies developed for this purpose.

SOE Project (Ministry of Economy of the SR)

PROJECT V16 (Ministry of Environment of the SR) 

Project code: 310011Z957
Project name:

Waste recovery and preparation for reuse and recycling

Call for proposals:
OPKZP-PO1-SC111-2016-16 – 16. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR NON-REPAYABLE FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS aimed at preparing for the reuse and recovery of non-hazardous waste


Brief description of the project:
The core of the proposed project is the processing of biodegradable (including municipal) waste from surrounding villages, towns and production facilities in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner using specialised machinery and technology. The primary goal is to process bio-waste in a way that eliminates the need for storage by continuous processing without additional waste, where the resulting product becomes a final raw material or a raw material for further agricultural use. The equipment the applicant intends to acquire from the project will ensure the final sorting of BDW and its preparation for additional treatment and use, thus supporting the strategy of the Slovak Republic and the Nitra region in the field of BDW.

PROJECT V16 (Ministry of Environment of the SR)



Project code: NFP310010CPW2
Project name:

Dry fermentation technology for BDW treatment

Programme period: 2014-2020

Call for proposals:

OPKZP-PO1-SC111-2022-77 – 77. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR NRFC aimed at promoting recycling, selected waste recovery methods and mechanical biological treatment of mixed municipal waste and promoting energy from non-hazardous waste


Brief description of the project:

The objective of the project is to significantly increase the recovery of BDW through the dry fermentation process as part of establishing a new section of the biogas plant. The project will be carried out through a primary activity, specifically preparation for reuse and recovery with focus on recycling of non-hazardous waste. This includes support for sorted municipal waste collection systems and efforts to prevent the accumulation of biodegradable municipal waste. The investment expenses account for the technological units necessary for implementing the dry fermentation process in the context of BDW/BDKW recovery. Sub-activity being implemented within the project involves the construction of new facilities or the renovation of existing ones for recovery, i.e. for aerobic and anaerobic treatment of BDW, including the production of biogas intended for CHEP (Combined Heat and Energy Production).

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