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Zdroje Zeme a.s. is a member of several national, European and global organisations. Through these memberships, the company gains fresh insights and information on current trends in the sector and establishes itself among leading innovators.

Name and registered office:
ECN - European Compost Network, Bussels
Composting issues
Member since:
Name and registered office:
AVOH – Association of Organic Fertiliser Producers
Association of entrepreneurs in the production and sale of organic fertilisers
Member since:
Name and registered office:
Bioeconomy Cluster, Nitra
Member since:
Name and registered office:
BIC – Bio-based Industries Consortium, Brussels
A cluster of European industry leaders in the bio-economy sector
Member since:
Name and registered office:
V4 Biochar - V4 Biochar Platform, Praha
Association of stakeholders in the development, research, production and distribution of biochar and its products
Member since:

Partnerships and collaboration:

Zdroje Zeme is being approached by an increasing number of national and international companies and individuals interested in collaborating.

We collaborate and consult with researchers or institutions

  • prof. Ing. Vladimír Šimanský PhD.

Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra

  • prof. Ing. Jan Gaduš, PhD.,

SPU Nitra

  • Edward Someus

Inventor and owner, 3R-BioPhosphate Ltd., Kájaszó (HU)

  • Prof. RNDr. Miroslav Vosátka, CSc.

Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague

  • Doc. Mgr. Lukáš Trakal, Ph.D.

Czech University of Agriculture in Prague

  • Per Hansson

Secretary general in Nordic Agri Research (SE)

  • Cornelius J. van Blerk

Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NO)

  • Ivana Trkulja

International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems – CORE (DK)

  • and other foreign agricultural, energy, and bio-waste experts


We participate in major European events focused on promoting healthy soil and the circular economy:

We are actively seeking partnerships within several consortia in international collaboration projects:

Certificates, trademarks and patents

ISO certificates

9001:2015: Management of research and development projects in the field of secondary
processing of raw materials,
 Recovery of biodegradable waste, and biodegradable municipal
waste by fermentation.

14001: Recovery of biodegradable waste and biodegradable
 municipal waste by fermentation

Patent and utility models in Slovakia

The production process, technology and output product have been granted 4 patents (Patent Applications – PA) and 4 utility
models (Utility Model Applications – UMA) in Slovakia:

  • Complex technological process of BDKW / PA No. 288692/2018 and UMA No. 8193/2018,
  • Container hygieniser of biodegradable waste and method of its hygienisation / PA No.
    288673/2019 and UMA No. 7943/2017
  • Biochar regeneration and/or fertilisation substrate PA No. 288651/2019 and UMA No. 7914/2017,
  • Industrial biochar fertilisation substrate and method of its preparation / PA No. 288676/2019 and UMA
    No. 7923/2017,

International patents

The technological process is currently protected by patents in 58 countries around the world, e.g.:

  • EPO – European Patent No. EP363 8953 granted on 9 July 2021, and validated in 37 European countries,
  • EAPO – patent in 8 countries of the Eurasian region granted on 15 September 2021,
  • China – patent granted on 24 September 2021,
  • Ukraine – patent granted on 22 June 2022,
  • USA – patent granted on 2 August 2022,
  • Saudi Arabia – patent granted on 8 January 2023,
  • South Africa – patent granted on 23 December 2020.

The biochar substrate has patents in 14 countries worldwide and an EPO covering 37 countries, in which
we are preparing validation, e.g.:

  • EPO – European Patent No. 355 8898 granted on 25 May 2023,
  • EAPO patent in 8 countries of the Eurasian region granted on 13 April 2023,
  • Japan – patent granted on 10 August 2022,
  • Ukraine – patent granted on 6 January 2021,
  • Australia – patent granted on 2 February 2023.
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