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At our Horný Jatov facility, the biochar production process offers a sustainable means of managing residual material. Recovered biomass, resulting from the fermentation or composting of organic waste, often poses challenges for further processing or recycling. While many simply use this biomass as fertiliser – a method that’s unsustainable due to the long-term burden it places on soil – we’ve opted for a more effective solution: carbonisation. This method transforms residues into a beneficial product.

High-Quality and Efficient Carbon Production: Through carbonisation – under conditions of elevated temperatures and minimal oxygen – we produce a biochar that boasts outstanding properties: stability, resistance to decomposition, and the ability to act as a long-term carbon sink in soil (often referred to as a C-sink).


Benefits of Our Biochar: 

Enhanced Soil Quality 

Incorporating biochar into soil significantly improves its quality. As a soil ameliorant, biochar augments soil structure, boosts water and nutrient retention, thus enhancing soil fertility and fostering crop growth.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Biochar represents carbon extracted from residual materials during carbonisation, preventing its potential detrimental reintroduction into the environment. Utilising biochar in soil aids in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as it secures carbon within the soil, rather than allowing its release into the atmosphere.

Promoting Renewable Energy 

Carbonisation and biochar production are integral components of the renewable energy cycle. By carbonising the residual biomass after material recovery, we not only tap into a renewable energy source but also create a valuable product.


The applications of biochar are vast, spanning sectors such as agriculture, energy, construction, food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. We are currently setting up our proprietary carbonisation process plant which is designed to meet the prerequisites for obtaining the European Biochar Certificate from Carbon Standards International.

Effeco by Zdroje Zeme

The Regeneration and Fertilisation Substrate. Effeco by ZZ is more than just a 100% organic fertiliser; it’s primarily a biochar-infused substrate aimed at the long-term rejuvenation of degraded soils. Its approach aligns with age-old natural principles and contemporary global trends. 

The Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture in Bratislava has authorised the use of the effeco by ZZ substrate as an organic fertiliser within the Slovak Republic’s agricultural sector.

The expert team from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, specifically from the Department of Pedology and Geology at the Faculty of Agrobiology and Food Resources, also collaborates on Effeco substrate’s development, production and application. Both on-campus assessments and certified labs scrutinise the chemical make-up of the raw materials and the final product. The effectiveness of Effeco by Zdroje Zeme was established in lab conditions across various soil samples and substantiated in real-world conditions at Slovak farms, demonstrating tangible results on crops.

Developed under our Biograda project, this patented bio-substrate is crafted by blending biochar with nutritional components and binders. The mixture is then dried, pelletised, and packaged either in large-volume textile bags or in consumer-friendly retail packaging.

Effeco by ZZ is an optimal bio-substrate designed to rejuvenate agricultural soil, which has suffered degradation and depletion of organic matter and nutrients from intensive farming. It’s also ideal for application on infertile soils or fallow lands, promoting biological regeneration and boosting agricultural yield.

When added to the substrate, biochar significantly aids in storing CO2 in the soil and releasing it steadily as it decomposes. In addition, it acts as a key element in mitigating global climate change. With its inherent benefits, biochar stands as a prospective solution to bolster food and energy autonomy while proactively addressing climate change.

Benefits of the effeco by ZZ Bio-Substrate

Ecological Benefits: 

Natural Composition: Effeco by ZZ is a natural fertiliser, derived from biochar and enriched with natural additives. Soil Revitalisation: Its porous biochar microstructure retains water, rejuvenates soils, adjusts the pH levels of acidic soils and helps remediate heavy metal content.

Economic Benefits: 

Enhanced Soil Productivity: Effeco by ZZ boosts soil fertility and production potential. Cost Efficiency: It reduces expenses tied to other fertilisation methods and minimises irrigation requirements.

Environmental Sustainability: 

Recyclability: Originating from bio-waste processing, effeco by ZZ ensures limitless recycling and augments the quality of lower-grade soils.
Soil Enhancement: It ameliorates the soil’s chemical, physical and biological attributes and curtails soil erosion.

Combating Soil Degradation: 

Carbon Replenishment: Applying roughly 10 tonnes of effeco by ZZ per hectare (depending on how degraded the soil is) restores approximately 5 tonnes of soil organic carbon per hectare, offsetting the average annual loss of 4.5 tonnes in standard cereals. Sustained Benefits: Reapplications every 3-5 years guarantee permanent carbon retention and soil nourishment.

Natural Alternative to Industrial Fertilisers: 

Organic Nutrient Supply: Effeco by ZZ introduces an organic substrate layer in the topsoil, promoting microbial activity and ensuring the holistic well-being of crops. Safety: Effeco by ZZ is 100% natural, free from harmful chemicals and poses no environmental threats.

Ideal for Organic Farms: 

Yield Increase: Effeco by ZZ application gradually amplifies cereal yields, with optimal outcomes observed in the third year post-application. Proven Results: Field trials indicate a doubling in the yields of crops like sunflower, wheat and maize on inferior quality soils.


For optimum results, integrate (plow) the pellets into the soil’s root layer at a depth of 10-15 cm. The autumn months, including late autumn, are ideal for application. The pellet substrate decomposes gradually, with its most pronounced soil regeneration effects emerging in the second year post-application. For specialised soil conditions or unique crops, consultation with our experts is advised. Following basic soil composition laboratory analysis and crop planning, we’ll recommend the optimal quantity and formulation of Effeco for your needs.

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