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We provide an all-encompassing solution for biodegradable waste management, renewable energy generation and soil degradation. Through the zero-waste processing of both municipal and industrial biodegradable waste – including from plant and animal production – we don't just cater to local communities, agglomerations and industries. We also produce value-added products like green energy and the soil restorative substrate, effeco by ZZ. 

This initiative aligns with and supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Our initiatives align with 7 of the 15 globally recognised objectives


Objective 2: A World Without Hunger

Objective 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Objective 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Objective 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

Objective 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Objective 13: Climate Protection

Objective 15: Live on the Mainland

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Discover Our Licensed Solutions:
Join hands with us and gain access to our proprietary bio-waste treatment and recovery methodologies. By sharing our years of experience and cutting-edge technologies, we can collaboratively design a facility tailored to your region’s unique needs. Together, we’ll champion environmentally conscious bio-waste management, soil revitalisation and clean energy production.

If you’re keen to make an ecological difference in your region and explore our licensed solutions, reach out to our representative.


Pilot Plant

In August 2022, after completing the primary construction phase, we inaugurated our pilot plant at Horný Jatov. The initial focus was the hygienisation process for waste treatment. Our hygienisation line is among the most advanced in the Slovak Republic, specialising in the processing of biodegradable kitchen and restaurant waste (BDKW). At our pilot plant, we handle waste through the wet and dry fermentation process of BDW which does not require hygienisation.

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Sorting and Processing 

Bio-waste is sorted based on its suitability for direct use and potential requirements for hygienisation. We also categorise it based on various parameters that determine its suitability for dry or wet fermentation, direct carbonisation or as an ingredient in effeco by ZZ.

Prior to processing solid biomass further, it’s vital to subject it to mechanical treatment. This includes sorting, grinding and processing it into appropriate fractions for subsequent steps.


If the biological waste is considered hazardous, it must be subjected to sanitation and hygienisation.

Hygienisation is a process that mitigates the risk of biological contaminants in bio-waste, making it safe for subsequent processes. During this process, the waste is heated to a temperature of 70°C for a minimum duration of one hour to meet the mandated hygienisation levels.
After hygienisation, biomass that is directly suitable for carbonisation or for use in effeco by ZZ is sent for drying. This step involves separating the residual water content from the biomass. The dried biomass is then directed towards anaerobic digestion.

Anaerobic Digestion

The process of anaerobic digestion generates biogas and heat. The generated biogas serves various purposes. It can be combusted in a cogeneration unit to produce electricity or undergo purification and be integrated into a high-pressure gas distribution network. If the facility supports it, the biogas can also be converted into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).


The drying phase is essential to remove any residual moisture from the biomass. 


Carbonisation involves the transformation of the dried biomass into biochar. This is achieved through a combustion process in the absence of air. The resulting biochar is then categorised based on the quality and nature of the initial biomass.


To create the effeco by ZZ substrate, biochar is mixed with a variety of nutritious ingredients. The precise composition can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of individual soils and the crops they support.


Following the mixing, the effeco by ZZ substrate is processed into convenient agropellets. Depending on the needs of the consumers, these pellets can be packaged in bulk bags or smaller quantities suitable for individual usage.

Video Tour

Take a virtual tour of our state-of-the-art Horný Jatov facility.

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