Earth's Resources

Renewable Energies

Our goal is to establish both the technological and constructional prerequisites that boost biodegradable waste recovery rates, emphasising energy production. We’ve integrated dry (container) and wet (BPS) fermentation processes, ensuring efficient biogas capture.

From the BDW/BDKW inputs, our facility will generate an impressive 42,500,000 kWh of energy annually across both fermentation methods.

Currently, we harness biogas to produce electricity via a cogeneration unit. This electricity not only powers our facility’s standalone operations but is also channelled into the ZSE distribution network through our substation.

A portion of the raw biogas produced (approximately 7,820,000 Nm3) from the fermentation process is combusted in the cogeneration unit, while the remaining portion undergoes purification to separate its primary constituents: pure methane and pure CO2.

Once our gas purification facility is operational, the Horný Jatov pilot plant will have the capability to produce up to 3,810,000 Nm3/year of green biomethane at peak performance. Biomethane boasts the same utility as natural gas, but its true merit lies in its CO2-neutral production. This process promotes CO2-neutral production, environmentally responsible biodegradable waste disposal, supports agriculture and yields top-tier bio-fertiliser.

Another byproduct of our biogas is green CO2, projected to reach volumes around 6,800 t/year given the biogas capacity. 

We utilise the thermal energy generated in our processes for both standalone technological procedures and building heating within our premises.



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